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Did you know infants prefer black and white images? It’s true. The high contrast of black and white graphic images gives their mind a way to rest from the visual stimulation the rest of the world offers, and it also helps develop their vision. I read that when I was pregnant so I registered for this book called Black & White and it’s true! Leif really does seem to be into it. It holds his attention so much more than the more showy books do.

In this way, he and I are a lot alike. I really like things to be black and white. Sure, I love a good discussion. I love plowing through a complex topic, approaching it from every angle to figure it out. But plowing should create neat rows, and that’s what I expect and like: neat rows of information and ideas. I want to leave those discussions knowing what’s for sure and what’s for sure not.

This next part isn’t a surprise: the world isn’t really like that. A lot of the world is gray area. I cling to the absolutes (God loves us. The Green Bay Packers are the best team in the league. Chocolate is awesome.) but everything else? Well, I thought about that a few mornings ago on my walk. All of that gray? I think it’s grace. It’s grace to figure it out. It’s grace to explore. It’s room to come to a conclusion a little bit different from your neighbor’s.

When grace = freedom, I don’t mind the gray at all.




  1. Greg

    Go Packers!

  2. katie

    What a lovely post, I like the idea of the grey areas being grace, particularly as I empathised entirely with your second paragraph, what an excellent description! x

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