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We had a baby! Our son Leif joined us out here one month ago after a lightning fast labor. (You know how they say labor isn’t like it is in the movies? Mine kind of was–I was home alone when my water broke and everything.)

He is a perfect and precious gift, made all the sweeter by having to wait so long for him.

There is so much to say about motherhood that I’m not even going to try, at least not today. Instead, I’ll share one thought I had in the middle of that first night while holding him, watching him sleep, and realizing that he was here and he is ours.

He came so quickly that it wasn’t until deep into the night that I began to poke the borders of my love for him. My mind approached the love the way you step up to edge of the Pacific Ocean: eagerly, but in awe of its size and power. As the reality of having a child washed over me and the tears came, I knew I could keep poking at those borders and never find them. This love is so vast it was physically painful those first few days as my heart stretched and stretched. And in an instant, I saw how small my love for Leif is compared to the love of our Father for each of us. If my love feels like infinity, imagine His.

This is sweet, sweet living, my friends.

photo: Leif’s little piggies. I’m trying to figure out how much of him to post online. I’ve read The Circle; I know privacy is the new luxury, and I want to offer him that as he grows. But I can’t ignore that he represents a huge shift in our lives in every way. So what I’m saying is: Text me if you want to see his face. xo



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