summer was pretty amazing


Early June: We tasted at the Chateau Montelena, whose Chardonnay beat French white wines in an international blind tasting. That’s when California wine started to sit at the grown-up table. And this little day trip we took with Brad’s aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife, and uncle-in-law and his wife, is when I realized I could easily take to the good life.

June: My parents came to visit! This week was my happiest since we’ve moved here. We did so much and my mom wrote each day’s agenda down in a little notebook because she is the cutest that way.



June: All of us at Muir Woods. This is also the week I found out my parents are suddenly obsessed with trees. They stopped to stare at different trees up and down our block, all through Muir Woods, and anywhere else we went. I don’t remember them doing this when I was young. Or heck, even 18 months ago when we lived in the same state.



June: Mom, Dad, and Brad: Greatest Hits. Album art shot at Quivira Winery.



June: The ocean makes even my freakishly huge father look small.



June: Pomponio beach.



June: My little mama on the beach.



July: Friends of ours from Des Moines drove through San Francisco when they moved back to Portland. This is their daughter, who fell in love with me and I with her. It’s a shame she often preferred walking because I could have held her the entire time they were here.



July: I guess she’s pretty darling walking, too.



July: Oana, Elsie, Andrew, and Brad: Greatest Hits, Vol II. Album art shot near Lombard Street.



July: Then THESE little edible nephews came to town. The way Brad loves them and the way they adore him makes my stomach flip. Three of my favorites in this shot here.



July: Before we moved, Max made a book of famous sights in San Francisco for us so we would know what to expect when we got here. Two days before we left, he read it to us while I sobbed. We pulled it back out this summer so he could mug with it when we took him to all the spots he wrote about it.



July: And Harry, what a crackup. While sitting in this booth at lunchtime, Harry began a campaign of charming the waitress. The second she walked up to the table to greet us, he sat up straight and announced, “I’LL HAVE THE CHEESEBURGER!” After we finished our meal, she came by to check on us and he stood on the seat and said, “WE ARE READY TO LEAVE.” Let’s take him everywhere.



July: This beauty is my littlest sister’s best friend, so she’s like my little sister. She and her husband were touring Cali and we met for a few great hours at a coffee shop in Mill Valley to hug and smile and talk and laugh at how different we are. I love her. (Aubrey, move here, mean it!)

Not pictured: All the hard and boring stuff.




  1. shanna mallon

    I love all of this and love you. also: Brad’s hair is so short! (I dig it. Good for summer. But of course I’m wondering how you’re feeling since I know how much you love his hair.) You look gorgeous! (Is it the light? The baby on your hip? Probably just the fact that it’s you.) Aaand laughing out loud about knowing you could enjoy the good life. hahahahaha! take me with you!

    To Joanna’s Mom: You are so adorable. I can’t wait til we become real-life friends.

  2. joannalinberg

    It’s so short because I tried to cut it and it was a DISASTER. The curls are back and I love them. Brad, however, is making an appointment to get it cut again. Thank you for sharing your sweetness here.

  3. mom

    To Joanna’s wonderful friend: Same here!
    Joanna, my heart still aches for little Elsie. She looks good on you!

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