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Brad’s mom and dad are here this week and all I have to say is: Family is awesome. Particularly parents because they think every meal we make is the tastiest thing they’ve ever eaten, they say you’re the most stunning beauty they’ve ever seen, and every place we show them is so wonderful and we are so clever to bring them there. It is the BEST. Other good things below.

// Watch this five-minute video of an autistic man who can memorize aerial views in minutes, then draw them with insane accuracy. It will blow your mind (and also maybe make your mind feel like a slacker).

// Why writers (and everyone) should read the classics. This article also includes a working definition of “classic” from Ezra Pound that I hadn’t heard before: It is a classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness.

// If it sometimes feels like all the gentrified neighborhoods feel the same—artisanal ice cream shop, upscale flea market, cafes with chalkboard menus—it might be because there is a formula.

// This week’s I Love Space entry: a timelapse video of the space station flying through an aurora. (You all are following @Astro_Reid on Twitter, right?)

// Nathan Bransford’s Page Critiques are good reminders of what works in writing–and how important an editor is.



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