our new egg lady


Our egg and chicken farmer’s name is Lisa. I like her a lot because

1. She has a thick binder of photos of how her chickens live and eat on her and her husband’s farm.

2. She’s so nice. Like, “let me find you the biggest chicken I can and I’ll just charge you the lower price” nice.

3. She said my eyes are the color of her really pretty blue egg cartons.

4. She calls Brad “the Broth Master” for telling her how he makes chicken bone broth. Now she’s done it and is a convert. And she’s telling her other customers.

5. She always, always picks out the cartons with the prettiest eggs for me. The pale green and milk chocolate speckled ones are my favorites, and she knows.




  1. Mom

    But Brad IS the broth master.

  2. shanna mallon

    adorable. I like her, too.

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