weekend update

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We just had one of those weekends that’s so satisfying. Saturday morning, we woke up without an alarm, I made chocolate banana bread (recipe coming Tuesday) for breakfast, then Brad and I laid back in bed for an hour and talked about the things on our minds that get missed during the habitual back-and-forth of the weekdays. In other words: we relaxed.

Then we drove down to Los Altos to check out a really cool shop the magazine featured a while ago. It’s full of DIY materials, party supplies, and every cute crafty thing you’ve ever seen on anyone’s Pinterest board. I couldn’t take enough pictures–they had a felt bar, for crying out loud.

And THEN, I found a pair of jeans that fit and were super discounted at a little boutique. And THEN, we went into a running store my new D.O. recommended and I finally got a new pair of running shoes that were also discounted. And THEN, we went home and I went running to try out my sneaks. And THEN, we spontaneously redesigned this blog.

At work I sometimes say things like, “you can really see the touch of the hand on that product” when I want to sound obnoxious, but actually, I mean that when I talk about this blog. This space is so personal. I write about the things I talk to my family and closest friends about. And when I read your comments, I want to reach out and hug you, make you a meal, and stay up late to hear about your heart, too. So we decided to simplify things here and make the only ornament something I drew by hand. Let it be known, those lines represent the highest tier of my artistic ability.

Thank you, Brad, for taking a break from your other projects to work on this one. And thank you to all of you who read. I’m thankful for you.




  1. Kathryn

    I love the new look. It just works so perfectly.

  2. shanna mallon

    It makes my heart so happy to hear about your weekend and to see, in it, answered prayer. It also makes my heart happy to read your personal thoughts in this space and sense the touch of hand behind what you’re writing because there’s nothing better than personal, especially Joanna personal. Also ps! I like the new look, too!

  3. joannalinberg

    Shanna, thank you for the prayers! I should have known I could attribute our light, close feeling this weekend to the faithful prayer of friends.

    Kathryn, such a compliment coming from you. Thank you!

  4. Jillisa

    You could be a foot model! You’re just that pretty!

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