things you must know in 2014


The Lone Bellow is the new Civil Wars. (Start here.)

Confirmed: Wuthering Heights can be ignored in both literary and miniseries form.

Oblivion is a terrible movie and I will never watch another Tom Cruise movie in my life.

You should read this, this, and this. This counts as my Top Books of 2013 That I Haven’t Already Talked About Here list.

Space is still cool.

I’m in a phase of not wanting sugar! Unfortunately, I’m also in a phase of wanting only potato chips.

Insanity workouts are insane. And Shaun T (yes, his name is Shaun T) reminds me of our friend Terry who owns a personal training gym and ALSO loves to “dig deep” and “push himself.” Whereas I prefer to “slack off” and “take a water break.”

You can watch a lot of Whale Wars and Miss Marple mystery episodes during a 30-day Netflix trial if you put your mind to it. Like, a lot.

And I’m not kidding about The Lone Bellow.






  1. Jillisa

    Everything about this post is inspiring.

  2. Jillisa

    Especially potato chips and space

  3. Mom

    I, too, highly dislike Wuthering Heights.

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