hope and love

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I realize the post title makes me sound like a hippie. I’m not. But maybe a little bit since I did just make a bread entirely out of nuts and seeds this morning.

But anyway, hope and love are the words spelled in Morse code in the necklaces I’m wearing. My sister sent them to me in a box full of dried Midwestern leaves and acorns and sticker art from Luci. I loved it all, obviously. But I especially like having these two reminders with me. The beads string together to spell words that I string together to tell truth: Hope in the Love of God.


There’s no suitable transition to the next thing I want to share with you:

This incredible video showing the known universe to scale. I watched it and learned my new favorite phrase: cosmic horizon. Watch it and think of how wondrous this creation is. And this is just what we know.




  1. Mom

    I’m curious: Did Audrey make them? They are cool like that.

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