of general interest | july 12, 2013


// A good looking man made even hotter by carrying a load of books. ^^ We got library cards this week! I just started¬†Canada by Richard Ford. It’s set in Montana, which is why I picked it up. There’s also a book by an Iowa author in the bunch, some Dorothy Sayers (be still), a book that’s been on my to-read list forever, and a new one that I happened to see on the shelf the same day a good friend said she liked it.

// Beautifully written depiction of head under water, swimming as fast as we can faith. (Shanna shares the best links on Twitter.)

// This video of fog rolling into and over the bay makes me want to worship. I can’t believe we live here.

// I’ve followed Tyler Huckabee on Twitter for a while, but this is the first time I dipped into his blog. I was rewarded with superb writing that makes me think of the Old Testament in a fresh way.¬†

// One of my favorites, Dorothy Sayers, on the incredible way Jesus related (and still relates) to women. Can you imagine how revolutionary His treatment of his female followers was? How revolutionary it still is today? (I’m not man bashing–if only I could treat the people in my life, men or women, this way.)

P.S. It makes me laugh how when you first open this page, all you see is “of general interest” and Brad’s face. Why, yes, I DO think my husband is of general interest.



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