making friends and a list


We haven’t made any friends here yet and we’re not bothered by that.

That statement will shock my youngest sister who needs to meet new people and talk to complete strangers almost as often as she eats.

But we’re almost three months in and I’m surprised by how little drive I’ve felt to make connections with new people. I mean, sure, I’ve tried to schedule a walk with a friend of a friend (who moved before we could settle on a day), I’ve talked to another friend of a friend in fits and starts (and I hope we become close because she is wonderful), but overall, I’m really OK just hanging out with Brad.

So tell me: Is this because I’m an introvert, or because we haven’t found a church yet and I subconsciously know strong friends will come through that community, or because I’m lazy when it comes to community?

Diagnose me!

And then read these writerly articles I read and enjoyed this week:

// On revisions. My favorite part of writing (and one I’m encouraged to take more time doing now).

// For the magazine junkies out there (or maybe that’s only me?): Can Women’s Magazines Do Serious Journalism?

// We visited a church a few weeks ago with an organist who occasionally stopped playing the organ to play a tambourine, a saxophone player, a singing team dressed all in white, and then a CHOIR. And if you know me well, YOU KNOW how happy that made me. It was exquisite. But not right for us. There is not a link in this point.

// I’ve also begun working out two days a week with my coworkers over lunch. I love it. Who am I? Again, no link. I just like lists.

photo: Things are just things, but some printed and bound things I’ve had for a long time make me feel more at home in this new place.



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