little ditties | february 22, 2013


I’ve found myself without the attention span for long books lately. WEIRD, right? Other uncharacteristic things about me lately: I’m craving salt more than sugar. I’m running more than I’m reading (maybe that’s why I want salt?). I am inviting people over to my house and being social! I’m also wearing hot pink nail polish and I’m usually a neutral queen. So guys, it’s getting crazy over here.

The items I’ve managed to sit down, read, and think about lately:

// A hopeful story about a little tyke with swollen joints and chronic pain who got better (!).

// I experienced shades of this article’s frustrations when I worked more social media in my job. Hilarious, but some coarse words.

// Bookish.

// Speaking of books, I can’t resist a book list. This one is ambitious–the entire Western Canon. I’ve always wanted to do this but felt like life was too short. Until NOW.

// You are going to think I’m the world’s biggest dork for this, but look! It’s a map that shows just where the heck all the characters are during the Lord of the Rings. I SO needed this these last few months while I was re-reading the trilogy.

// Intentionality is the quality I most admire about our friends Tim and Shanna. Here’s her beautiful take on it that I can’t stop thinking about.

// “You’re not finished cooking until you’re finished cleaning.” Oh, Seamus. If only!




  1. Shanna

    My favorite line is the one about inviting people over and wearing hot pink nail polish. It makes me feel like I get you, haha. : ) In my case, I started a book club? Really did. With mostly strangers. I don’t know, I don’t know.

  2. joannalinberg

    A book club! I’m jealous of all those lucky people. Do you have a theme? What are you reading first?

  3. Kathryn

    I wandered over here from Shanna’s site and I’m so glad I did. As an arthritis sufferer, I read that NYT articles with tears running down my face. It’s nothing that my doctors believe in and I’m stuck with my incredibly toxic medication but I know I’m going to learn so much from the way that you guys live your life.

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