lunch 2013: run or read

I went for a run in the January cold today. Believe me when I say it was very atypical for me. I’m the world’s biggest cold weather wuss. Normally, if the temperature is south of 55 degrees, I’m inside with my SmartWools on and a cup of my newest obsession–and it is an obsession–Shanna’s Hot Spiced Milk.

But this year I set a goal to tackle three Iowa runs I haven’t done yet: Dam to Dam, the Bix, and the Living History Farms Off-Road Race. Dam to Dam is in June, which is normally when I kick my running into high gear for a fall event. (Keep in mind, my “high gear” equals about 3 runs a week, each at a speed easily surpassed by ambitious toddlers.) A June 20k means a lot of running in the cold…but guys! I have cute arm warmers! So it’s ok.

Another goal of mine is to get back to the lovely habit of reading over my lunch hour. I did this a lot at the beginning of last year then let it slowly slip away, along with other good things. In fact, reclaiming my lunch hour is the larger theme here.

As excited as I am to run like a maniac in the cold (not very) and spend my lunch reading (super duper), I’m most excited about how both these activities might help me get back on track with writing, both here and on my own. When I run, I’m almost always playing with words and phrases or story lines. When I read, it instructs and inspires me to do the same. And that’s another thing I let slip away last year that I want to get back.

So “lunch: run or read” is my new motto. I’m one day in and feeling good.





  1. Shanna

    I kind of love that we’re both looking for ways to do tangible things—running, reading, cooking, writing—to be present where we are. Meant to be friends!!

  2. Andrea

    I love these goals! Partly for selfish reasons–I’m planning on running Dam 2 Dam and I love our reading lunches–but I’m also excited for you to make this time for yourself :)

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