to live as rich as we are


Last night, 25 or so of the people I love dearly prayed in the new year. One of my friends prayed in her strong, clear voice that we would all “live as rich as we are.”

That’s it. That is my motto, my inspiration, and my prayer for the new year. To know the riches God gives us, to know the bounty of His salvation, to understand and experience His promises and His truth, to know the glories of this great God in my everyday.

2012 felt barren in a lot of ways (and fruitful in a few others), but in 2013, by God’s grace, we’ll live as rich as we are.





  1. Shanna


  2. Tim

    Amen. God has promised far more than we could ever believe.

  3. Mom

    Let us so live.

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