another year of thanks


This year I’m thankful…

// For family who loves me and love each other, on both sides.

// For grandmas who let us crash and tell us stories.

// For my dad, who delights in savoring an amazing glass of (cheap!) Cabernet with me just as much as he does pulling out a map of ancient Israel to show me the winding canyons.

// For my mom, who never stops listening to me.

// For my brother, who sings with me and shows me what humble leadership and fearless faith look like. For Jill, who followed her adventure to Montana and has torn open her heart so the Lord could remake it. I wish every day she were right next door to me. For Jessie, who understands me and inspires me with her confidence in me. For Jonathan, who is never afraid to love with all he has.

// For Luci, that sweet crawling, grinning embodiment of joy.

// For doctors Yu and Moreland and sermons on CD.

// For friends who drive five hours just to see us.

// For a supremely comfortable bed.

// For Brad, who strokes my head just when I need it.

// For a holy and merciful God who offers me such sweet salvation and hope.



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  1. Shanna

    And we’re thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

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