las vegas, baby! (and baby!)

Wild and crazy 24-hour trip to Vegas? Check.
Drizzly, cold weather in the place that’s never drizzly nor cold? Check.
Champ ushering by my handsome husband? Check. (P.S. The man looks g-o-o-d in teal! Who in the world looks good in teal?)
Embarrassing my 9-year-old psuedo-niece (Brad’s cousin’s daughter) by my enthusiastic wedding dancing? Check.
Proving that man and woman can subsist on trail mix alone? Check.

To make our trip even more nutty, Brad’s sister called just before the wedding to say she was going into labor. By the time we stumbled into the hotel after the party (from fatigue, trust), we had a new niece!! Alana Paige, with her daddy’s mouth and the most kissable chubby cheeks in life!

You better believe I will be carting a peanut-size tutu skirt to the Quad Cities with me in the next few days. I’m in love!




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