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Edit: Welcome Ever After Blueprint readers! (And thanks to Andrea for letting me guest post there today.) If you’re new here, may I suggest a little history? My husband has Lyme Disease so we eat like crazy people to try to cure it. This makes me emotional and I had to learn how to deal. Then we found out I have it, too. More growth. And I can’t stop talking about what I’m reading lately. I’m glad you stopped by!


Let’s play catch up.

I didn’t read blogs during Lent hoping to starve the comparison and discontent weed growing in me. I had a few other reasons, too, but that was the biggest one. I’m surprised to report that it was really easy to give up Google Reader. There’s only a handful of voices I missed (and most of them read this blog) that I’ll go back to regularly reading. I’ll still browse food blogs for recipe ideas but otherwise, I’m cutting way back on both time spent reading and the number of blogs I read. It feels good.

Speaking of recipes, you won’t see many here for a while. I’ve now shown off literally my entire repertoire of roasted vegetables over salad. You could also grill them. Or eat them raw. That’s pretty much where we are with this protocol.

While avoiding meal planning (it’s getting bad) yesterday, we watched “The Way.” Have you seen it? It’s a movie by Emilio Estevez that stars Martin Sheen. They play a father and son and guess who just found out last night that they are, in fact, father and son in real life? This girl. Anyway, in the movie, Martin Sheen hikes the Camino de Santiago. Now I want to do it, except I can’t do the whole no restrooms or communal showers thing.

Everyone should listen to this Tiny Desk Concert. Yo Yo Ma! I’m going through a strong bluegrass and folk phase and no one’s more surprised than me.

And lastly, I was sick this weekend so I can now confidently report that 1) Gorgonzola cheese is not a gentle food to sample while you’re eating dairy-free, and 2) There is no raw, vegetable, dairy-free, meat-free, bean-free, or grain-free substitute for the saltine. The saltine cracker’s inoffensive neutrality in taste and texture is unmatched by anything I was able to eat. Water kefir, very mild-flavored smoothies, and steamed parsnips were as close as I got. I miss saltines.




  1. shanna

    Aw, so sad about your being sick! And so true about Saltines.

    I was just talking with Tim today about the cleanse you guys were doing and wanting to swap stories…. we’re having some fun times here, too.

  2. Mom

    I really liked that movie. It’s kind of slow, but very sweet. What made you pick that one?

  3. joannalinberg

    I think Dad (or maybe you?) recommended it to Brad so he got it. I had no idea what it was about until we watched it. I sort of like watching movies blind like that. And it made me cry.

  4. Lan

    i wanted to respond to that tiny mention about comparison. i have a limited food blog feed as well. the comparison game is such a buzzkill sometimes and the concerted effort to tell myself that i should turn it into inspiration instead feels heavy.
    anyway, i like your book recommendations, even tho sometimes it’s not what i would normally read.

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