six things you should know about Montana


1. My sister, her husband, and my brand-new niece (!) live there. Oh baby! Look at that face. Luci is pruning* with the best of ’em.

2. My Dad just got back from a week spent with his first grandchild. If you know my dad, you know this is The. Moment. he’s been waiting for all his life. My mom is also hysterically excited (and still in Montana). I can feel their happiness from here.

3. It’s so gorgeous there! When we visited last August I was shocked at the scenery. I’ve seen mountains before, and clear blue waters, and green trees, but all in one magical place? That’s Bozeman.

4. They have our favoritest co-op we’ve visited so far with a sourdough bread Brad dreams about. Plus, it’s called “Bozo,” which is flat-out hilarious.

5. Luci! Our very own mountain girl!

6. My other sister, Jill, is moving to Bozeman this weekend. Let’s put aside the dark and sad abyss that will be my life after that happens and instead think about the epic 18-hour road trip she and I will share when I help drive her out there! We’re going through Sturgis, people, so you know it’s going to be great. Or something.

* I read this year that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen say “prune” when their picture is taken to get that pouty lip thing going. My sisters and I have been mimicking that pouty lip face for probably a decade, so you can imagine the revelation this was to us.




  1. Lan

    i have on my life list a desire to experience Montana. my favorite author is Nicholas Evans and his books are set in Montana.
    congrats on being a new Auntie!
    and a road trip, what a fun roadtrip you are going on!

  2. Greg Smith

    Two words: Lucille. Oh, wait. I guess that’s only one word. All I need right now.

  3. joannalinberg

    Lan, go! It’s unbelievable! They actually have log cabins with green roofs, just like Lincoln Logs. I’ll have to look up that author. I’ve never heard of him.

    Dad, seriously. You’re too cute.

  4. Erica @ Kinds of Honey

    Luci is beautiful. Montana is beautiful. So glad you got to revel in all this!

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