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One of my favorite lines from Pride and Prejudice: The One You Don’t Have to Take a Vacation Day to Watch is when Lady Catherine de Bourgh says of playing the piano, “If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.” That’s how I feel about gardening. If I had an actual yard, I’d be a great proficient.

In reality, I have a patio herb garden I’ve not given one moment’s thought to since our first frost last year. But for those of you with more green square footage, check out Sprout Robot. Enter your ZIP code and it will tell you what to plant this week (and you can look ahead if you like to plan).

This has sent me into a wild daydream involving dark soil, slow weeding, and a giant straw hat. Just go with it.



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  1. Lan

    i loved that line too, tho more from the stance that i thought the woman had such gall… and big head. the way you spin it makes it seem so much more nicer.

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