going steady

Two things you should know about Valentine’s Day in my life:

1. Four years ago on this! day! Brad and I watched Batman Begins and had a conversation that started with, Why can’t Christian Bale tell Katie Holmes he’s Batman!?!?!?! and ended with, Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend!!! Good choice, Joanna. He’s so hot and brooding (in that photo).

2. It’s my big brother’s birthday! He’s a looooooooove baby. And we loooooooove him. He pretty much sets the standard for cool. And he’s the other half of the Class of 2002 from the prestigious Smith Scholastic Institute. (Yes, we named our home school. And yes, it’s a little bit ironic.) Our 10-year reunion is coming up in May and I’m going to force him to go to dinner with me and argue about who looks younger.





  1. Lan

    this is so adorable, a tribute to your honey and to your brother.

    PS. i have always wondered why Batman just doesn’t spill it with his secret. this is why his relationships don’t work, he’s keeping secrets and a woman knows!

  2. Lan

    PPS. i just asked my darling love if he was Batman. just to, you know, get that question out of the way.

  3. Lan

    his response: “Batman is a scientist.”

    he’s in IT administration. so, i guess not…

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