the week in brief


Today is the first time I didn’t reflexively stand over the sink while taking my dose of cod liver oil. It’s taken almost two months to convince myself I won’t want to violently spit it back out. (It’s really not so bad.)


Brad has a really goofy side that most people don’t see. I offer this conversation we had this morning as proof:
Me: I’ve been finding so many good nuggets in 1 and 2 Thessalonians this week. Listen to this one…
Brad: That is a good nugget. Maybe they should rename those books 1 and 2 Nuggets.
… a few minutes later…
Me: Listen to this, “You are all children of light, children of the day.” And then it says, “But since we belong to the day…” Children of the day, Brad! We’re like children of sunshine!
Brad: That’s probably why our urine is supposed to be sunshine yellow.


Here’s some supah dupah good news: Brad left his job a few weeks ago to focus on freelance web and mobile design and go back to school! He’s getting his Master’s in holistic nutrition. So if I ever say anything about the health benefits of anything, I heard it from him first. Including that unfortunate comment about urine above.


I might karaoke tomorrow night. Don’t worry–no Britney or Beyonce will be sung. My limited repertoire consists of old sentimental country songs. It is my father’s musical legacy to me. Even though he prefers to sing Jimmy Buffet himself.


April holds a 24-hour trip to Vegas for Brad and me. I’m not even kidding. Livin’ it up like the two wild childs we are!!! Ok, it’s actually for Brad’s cousin’s wedding. And they live in Vegas; it’s not some weird chapel wedding.


Physical therapy for general core stability = not so fun. Think about it: You take 20 exercises that exactly target the part of your body that has never ever been used before and then you do them over and over again, every day. There’s no feeling that you powered through that exercise because you’re so strong, no Whew! That workout’s over and I won’t have to do it again for a few days. Just a whole lot of Are my hips level? I never knew my inner things could hurt so much. In 24 hours I will be right here, doing this exact same thing all over again and discussing your pelvic floor with a (very nice and professional) middle-age man. That you’re not married to.


Downton Abbey fans: Do not start reading Brideshead Revisited thinking it will explore some of the same themes of upper/middle class disparity. It will only explore themes of confusion, idleness, and questionable morality with none of the amazing wardrobe, scenery, or accents.


Both Brad and my dad showed me the Bourne Legacy trailer this week (because they both love me with an undying love). I am unreasonably excited about this movie. My favorite movie list looks something like this: Pride and Prejudice, the Bourne movies. Or maybe it’s the Bourne movies, then Pride and Prejudice. I have an irrational love for this series even though they have things I typically can’t stand in any way: language, violence, suspense, and a distinct lack of singing teapots. I can’t explain it–I am a girly girl and I love the Bourne movies. I’m going to go paint my nails now. Squeallllll!






  1. Dad

    Vegas! I work with a gal who married her husband at a drive-up chapel in Vegas. This was more than ten years ago and they are still going strong.

  2. Lan

    can we discuss a few things:

    1. pride & prejudice: which one? i love the bbc version but the keira knightly version is swoon-worthy too.

    2. i will miss jason bourne, he was the one who opened my eyes to the hotness of matt damon. i like jeremy renner just fine, as well as ed norton, but there has to be a jason bourne cameo!

  3. joannalinberg

    Lan! This is destiny. I hold exactly the same views as you on Pride and Prejudice AND Matt Damon.

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