Memory lapses I’ve had while so stressed this last month:

// While cleaning my new cast-iron skillet, I put it on the stove to heat before seasoning it. Fast-forward to 2 in the morning, when I suddenly jolted awake, remembering I never shut off the stove. This is the only time in life I’ve been thankful that Brad’s pain wakes him up every few hours. He had already smelled the burning and turned the stove off.

// I forgot I had a blog, clearly.

// And the one that takes the cake: For the last three or four weeks, my eyes have been so blurry. I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old, so bad eyesight is nothing new. I just assumed I really needed to go in for another checkup since I could no longer see things on the TV or read road signs. (Guys, people with bad eyesight are out there, and they’re driving. I’m apparently one of them.) Just this morning I realized that for the last month or so, I’ve been reversing my contacts–the right-eye one in the left and the left-eye one in the right. I had completely forgotten which prescription goes in which eye. About 20 minutes ago I put the stronger prescription back in the left eye and OH MY WORD. It’s like getting glasses all over again. I can see!!

(I got to take this incredible artwork by Michelle Armas home from my shoot, so all that stress wasn’t for naught.)





  1. Lan

    hopefully the stress abates for you now that the holiday season is in full swing. i bet when you fixed your contacts situation it was a light just appeared and all felt right again. i’ve done this before & the relief i feel is so tremendous.

  2. shannalee

    Tim just read this to me out loud, that’s how much it made us both laugh. You are hilarious!!

  3. joannalinberg

    Lan, it was exactly like that! Seeing is a revelation. And knowing I wasn’t going blind…I couldn’t stop talking about it all morning.

    Shanna, thank you!! Brad told me he was going to put a post-in on the mirror for me: -7.00 = left eye, -6.50 = right eye, also: breathe. (Yes, my eyesight is THAT bad.)

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