little ditties | october 21, 2011

// We ate this salad this week. Leeks, chickpeas, feta…it’s the salad of my dreams.

// “Pantaloc Control is a new…thing that makes your stomach cold for 24 hours, so you can have another Italian meal.”

// This is basically the amount of usefulness I find in almost all forms of social media and their apps.

// I’m toying with the idea of loosely theming some of my reading next year on U.S. History. It wouldn’t be a big deal–if I read five books next year that gave me some perspective on this country’s past, I’d call it good. Paul Johnson comes highly recommended from my brother (and my brother is a smart guy). Does anyone else have any suggestions for books that either give a good overview or cover a specific topic/person/era well?



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  1. Lan

    the Civil War trilogy.

    i read the Killer Angels last year before going to Gettysburg.

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