Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.

That phrase has always bothered me. It’s so cynical! But there is one case where that statement holds true: Turnips. Turnips are disgusting. All summer, Brad and I have been trying to make them edible and we just can’t. Last night, in a last-ditch effort, we made a turnip gratin. I mean, what’s not good covered in cream, garlic, and cheese?? Turnips. Even the gratin trifecta couldn’t save them.

Here’s the thing: Turnips look like potatoes and turnip gratin looks like potato gratin, but if you can get it into your head before you take a bite that this will not be as good as potatoes, it’s not too bad and you won’t be disappointed. Which isn’t saying much.

Dinner last night: Turnip Gratin (the recipe is here if you want to try it. It looks good, right? We didn’t add any pancetta) and Beet and Apple Salad (very good).




  1. Lani

    oh dear. i have turnips in the fridge. i bought them last week in the hopes of trying something NEW and now i am concerned. will have to let you know what i decide to do, and it won’t be au gratin-ing it! :)

    i also have beets AND apples handy (we went apple picking recently and there were spinach and radishes and beets to be grabbed). the salad will make an appearance tho. thank you for sharing.

  2. joannalinberg

    I wish you much more success than we had. :) Let me know what you do with them. If you endorse a solution, I’m willing to try again. But only once.

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