little ditties | october 14, 2011

My view at work (no, not from my cube, sadly. I had to walk to a window for this.) during a perfect gray day. The kind of gray that makes you want to immediately book a flight to London and head to Cafe Nero for a hot cocoa. Memories!

Moving ahead: This is truly a ridiculous grab bag. I just need to get all this stuff out of my system and then we can move on, I promise.

// I adore Brian Ferry. The latest way he’s inspired me: He takes walks, snapping photos as he goes, and thinks of them as a photographer’s sketchbook. They don’t have any real purpose except to record, remind, and inspire. I want to do that, too, or maybe creating a writer’s sketchbook. How would I do that?

// “I’m not interested in being hip or a hippie. Nor does my happiness particularly hinge on artisanal cheese.”

// I like the way you move (do doot do).

// Oh my goodness. Six-year-old girl gets a surprise trip to Disneyland. She has THE cutest facial expressions. (My favorite quote, that I will now say all the time, “Is it my birthday TODAY?”) (I take it back. “OH. mygoodness.” is my new favorite quote.)

// On a serious note. I often ask “Why me?” when it comes to bad things, but not so often when I consider all the great things in my life. Time for that to change.



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  1. Laura

    How CUTE is that video?!?! “How did you know I wanted this?! HOW?!” Priceless…

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