so now that I’m 26


I turned 26 last week and it made me think of all the ways I still don’t feel like a grown up. I mean, I still get awkward carrying a box of tampons to the checkout, you know? That’s not adult.

Here are some other things I want to learn, master, or experience in my 27th year (because that’s what this next year is, right? Any math majors out there?):

// Learn how to apply makeup. As in, more than just knowing the order to apply it. I sort of haphazardly apply color and products and when in doubt, add more mascara. That doesn’t sound like a girl who knows what she’s doing. I need looks! And a flawless complexion! And a source for all-natural, chemical-free cosmetics that perform like chemical-laden ones, because that’s been a pain in my keister lately.

// Play with watercolors. I am the world’s worst artist. I have zero spatial sense and even my stick men look crippled. But abstract watercolors that are all about color and movement? I can do that! At least I can do it well enough to fill up all my empty walls. I’ll let you know when I start taking commissions.

// Get out more. I love being home, especially with Brad. I need a ratio of 1 event outside the home:about 35 at home (what’s with me and the math today?) to be content. A houseplant, a homebody, a lazy bum…whatever you want to call it, I’m just happier at home. BUT. I should probably take a risk and go hang out with some friends once in a while. Even better, I should invite them over to my house so everyone’s happy.

// Take the pictures from the camera to the computer (and if you’re really lucky, to the blog). Am I the only one who has this problem? Because those beautiful pictures from Montana are still burning a hole in my camera’s memory chip.

Somewhat related: Yesterday afternoon, I was reading outside while Brad washed and waxed my car (um, yes, he IS a dreamboat, thank you for saying so), and I saw the little neighbor girl whizzing up and down the street on her bike, totally barefoot, pedaling like a maniac, and singing some wordless song at the top of her lungs. I want to be that girl.




  1. Lan

    happy birthday! i am so glad you were born. your journey around the sun began last week, enjoy the ride.

    your goals for the coming year are fantastic. i like that you kept them to a managable number (having a bajillion makes it daunting) and they sound fun! you can always go to the make up counter at the dept stores and get a makeover or ask for tips. bring a friend. (AND that gets you out of the house!)
    a few years ago, after a nasty break up, i forced myself to go out & meet a local knitting group. they taught me to knit and it got me out of the house. i also took a cake decorating class at a local arts/crafts store that i noticed had sewing AND painting classes. local community colleges also have non-creditted art classes you can take.
    and that girl barefoot. that could be you. do it. :)

  2. shanna

    Happy belated birthday from one classic homebody to another!

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