I’ve been bad

Lately I feel suffocated by stress, weary (in all ways–physically, mentally, emotionally), and a little discouraged. I could easily blame this on how crazy work has been lately, but these feelings come from someplace else:

I’ve been bad about reading the Bible lately. I don’t know what happened. Ok, I do. I got sick of reading 1 and 2 Chronicles and 1 and 2 Kings. Those guys just never learn–not like me, obviously–and it gets old, ok? (Also: gruesome.) It got easy to skip a day. And then it got easy to skip another day. And then it got easy to say I’ll just make up for it on that road trip. And then I told myself I needed the extra sleep so it wasn’t completely necessary to get up early to pray. God understands. He certainly isn’t counting on me plowing through another Israelite king’s reign to get Himself through the day.

But I need it. I want to be soaked in the word and buried in prayer again. I’ve been bad; I let it go, and now I’m suffering the consequences. This isn’t a public flogging. It’s just a reminder to myself of how my spirit looks when it’s starved of the food it needs. And I think the too-long break in my blogging is also a sign of that. Starved, I tell you!

I’m going to nourish myself, but then I’ll be back.

photo: nourishment of the second-best kind–breakfast!




  1. Nikki

    I feel like the Word is a lot like exercise. It is so good for me. I feel so right and good when I get that quality word time, yet I don’t always do it because I don’t feel like it. How lame of an excuse is that?

    Maybe I should study on the treadmill?

  2. Laura

    {{{Joanna}}} <— That's me, sending you a virtual hug. I know what you mean. I've made a conscious effort to nourish myself with the Word more frequently. It's amazing how that (and chocolate) can lift the spirit. xo

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