little ditties | june 24, 2011

I’m plowing through work today with a smile on my face because this time next week, I’ll be in Branson. Land of the near-Ozarks and Sea Doos! Actually, I don’t know what it’s the land of because I’ve never been there. But I do know it will be a long weekend full of my favorite things: family, time to read, wine, running, adorable nephews, and, obviously, Brad.

// The world is running out of vegetables. (But don’t worry, there will always be chocolate!)

// This is full of good suggestions, even though I’m not trying to be a science writer. (Don’t let this fool you.)

// “‘Tis in this way, the Lord replied, I answer prayer for faith and grace.”

// Laura, please go to your fancy-pants Melbourne produce market, buy fresh tomatoes, make these, and report back to me. Thank you so much.



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