I love to color

My best friend is painting her house this summer. She has this cute house with a cute wrap-around porch and cute pillars all to go with her cute face. She’s so cute.

She told me what color families she was thinking of—grey for the siding (I’m spelling it “grey” because she does and she’s the type of cool person that can get away with it), a creamy white for trim, a yellow or blue for the door, and a gray-blue for the porch floor. First of all, is she not full of the best ideas? I love this color palette. Second of all, I love offering color opinions. I do it like it’s my job.

Oh wait. It is actually my job.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy it and I enjoy organizing, so I whipped up this document of coordinating colors for her to choose from. Just looking at it makes both of us happy. Being friends for 10 years gives you automatic symbiotic happiness, I think.

In this choose-your-own-adventure color scenario, I’d pick Agreeable Gray, Pure White, Amalfi for the door, and Ravishing Coral for the porch floor (and then I’d chicken out and go with Carefree instead). She hasn’t chosen yet, but I can’t wait until she does. We’ll take pictures and share and I’ll make sure she’s in them so you can all see how cute she is.

Which colors would you choose?



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  1. Lan

    my favorite color, or rather, shade is grey. it always has been. and i go between loving it paired with pink (which is so not me) or purple.

    i am liking the pop of ravishing coral or midday.

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