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Some day, Brad and I are going to have an airy kitchen with miles of counter space, built-in wine racks, a full-size freezerless refrigerator (with one drawer reserved for raw cheese and one for fresh herbs), a superbly organized and functional spice drawer, and, if favor shines on me, a marble-top island.

For now, I have this shelf. It holds the oils and spices we use often and the pretty containers of jams and honey I can’t bear to hide in a cupboard (not that I have room anyway). It fills up the empty wall space above the sink. It gives me something pleasant to look at the one time a week I feel guilty for letting Brad do all the dishes and decide to knock a few pots and pans out.

But my favorite part of this favorite spot is the poster. Not for its World War I matter-of-fact message or sensible typography, but for the itty bitty pink post-it note stuck right next to “5—serve just enough.” It says “Work on this one :)” My sister Jessie stuck it on there, presumably after having one too many dishes of leftovers forced on her. It always makes me smile. And when I’m scrubbing dishes, I need every smile I can get.

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  1. Jillisa

    Dolly makes me smile when I’m scrubbing dishes. Also Patsy Cline (she makes me feel very old-fashioned domestic).

  2. Lan

    a recent pastime of mine: daydreaming of my ideal kitchen, one complete with a baywindow, so that i can sit to look out on veggie garden that is bursting with Life. for the time being, i need to work on keeping a few herb pots alive…

    your dream kitchens sounds lovely, a marble top island would be so perfect to roll out dough!

  3. joannalinberg

    Yes, windows! I forgot to mention tons of windows. Our current kitchen gets close to zero on the natural light scale.

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