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Brad and I took the day off on Friday to be silly, take walks holding hands, and drink tea like cultured people. That’s really what we did, see?

A designer I interviewed last year sent me a HUGE gift card to this little tea shop, Gong Fu, that Brad and I love going to. Isn’t that so thoughtful? I hope I’m that sweet when I grow up. Brad and I got a pot of Spice Tea to share. It tasted like Christmas and I already have plans to brew a killer boozy punch out of it next Christmas. Can you do that? Make boozy punch out of tea, I mean? I’m going to try it.

Then, while Brad took pictures of his fancy pants car, soon to be for sale (SOB!), I took pictures of a pretty blue paint color I saw on a door:

And that’s pretty much how we roll on a day off. I miss it today!




  1. Lan

    oh how loverly! i just spent a hooky day with my darling today, we went to a beautiful garden in PA and we’re about to head out for dinner at his favorite restaurant. i love whimsical days like this.

  2. Dad

    Why is Brad selling his Grand Am?

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