little ditties | april 22

// I have a thing for llamas, so imagine my delight when I spotted this llama font! It is the new official font of honey & salt.

// If I were a blog series, I’d be this one.

// The only question is: Do I scale the recipe up for my 32-ounce jars or down for my baby 8-ouncers?

// I am so relieved the Royal Wedding will be live-broadcasted on YouTube. So relieved.

// I would never be this obsessed with the Royal Wedding. Some people have no shame.

// It’s official: Sheena Jibson is everything I want to be when I grow up. I especially want her big hair.

// And a big, huge, jumping-up-and-down, squealing congratulations to Shannalee!

Some weekend plans: Basking in the glory of Easter and our alive-and-breathing Savior. Enjoying the excellent company of my parents and my brother. Planning this year’s herb garden (so far the plan is MORE BASIL).



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