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It was pouring today on my drive to work. Just as I got off the freeway, a flash of lightning lit up the dark sky and then I heard thunder crack so close, it could have been in my back seat. I love thunderstorms! They energize me, but they also make me daydream like crazy. Thunderstorms make the world a giant cocoon.

So, if I had my druthers (such a rainy word, isn’t it?), this is how I would spend this stormy day:

Cooking something with lots of eggs to use up my sudden surplus. Probably a little frittata with spinach, broccoli, and goat cheese for lunch, then something with a pillow of soft meringue. And you know I’d use the leftover egg yolks for something incredible. (Don’t laugh at that recipe’s sordid origins. Use your favorite dark chocolate—mine is Scharffen Berger—look away while you pour in powdered sugar, and skip the whipped cream. It just gets in the way of the chocolate. I’ll be adapting this recipe to fit our style of eating and posting it at some point, mostly to justify lots of testing.)

Surprise someone with a pillowy meringue dessert, since having baked goods lying around the house isn’t good for someone on a broth and veggie smoothie diet. Or for his spouse, who would have no qualms about eating it all herself.

Settle in with a mug (or two) of hot chocolate made with whole milk. Hot chocolate made with whole milk is one of life’s greatest luxuries that loses nothing from enjoying it frequently.

Finish reading two excellent books: Wolf Hall (astounding character details) and Reading Like a Writer (the reason I’m even noticing all those character details). At some point, I need to talk more about the latter book. It’s changing my reading and writing life. I want to marry it. (Don’t tell Brad.)

Laundry, which I actually enjoy doing. Turning dirty clothes into clean ones feels like organizing to me, and I love organizing.





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