ready when you are


These past two weeks have been so exciting. We’re eating in a new way, reconsidering what our bodies are capable of, and standing in awe of the Lord of the universe, who orchestrated events to make all this possible. It feels like we’ve just tipped over the deep end, but looking back (am I allowed to say “looking back” when I’m only 25? In whatever context, it’s probably premature.), it’s so clear how God has carried us to this place. The journey isn’t over yet, but I have this sense that God is teaching me that He is always ready with a solution. When we needed a new doctor, we got it. When we needed new insight into Brad’s condition, we got it. When we needed supportive and smart nutrition help, we got it. When we needed hugs in the form of crayons and construction paper, we got it. When we needed a city bursting with natural food options, we realized we had it. Witnessing these small solutions only makes me trust and believe in the largest solution of them all, our salvation.

He’s the one in control, and He’s ready (has been ready) when I am.



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