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Brad and I started a “protocol” diet based on bone broth and green smoothies. By which I mean, a diet made up exclusively of bone broth and green smoothies (that’s one of the beauties above). For the technical details and the well-researched point of view, you can check out his blog in the next day or two. Or Tim’s blog. Tim’s the one who talked us into this.

For my take, I offer you this nugget of an IM chat between my husband and me:

Brad: I wish you could be on the call [with Tim and his colleague, Terry, who are masterminding this assault on my taste buds] just so you can keep asking him when we can go to post protocol
Joanna: “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I have to know–when does post-protocol start?”
J: “This is all really interesting, but I just have one question–when does post-protocol start?”
J: “So I feel like I understand pretty much everything now except–when does post-protocol start?”
J: feel free to insert those (from me) at any point in the conversation

B: haha
B: yeah I see a lot of blog posts saying, you get used to it or you gradually will like them
J: where’s the blog post that says, “One day you’ll reach for your smoothie and it will be a fresh grilled cheese sandwich”?
B: I can say right now, a straight up vegetable smoothie will never taste better to me than a fresh baked calzone
B: it won’t even ever taste better than a fruit smoothie




  1. shannalee

    Ahahaha! Well, as one of the few people who totally understands what that bright green concoction you’re making tastes like, I just want to say I’m proud of you guys. Also, I’ve heard you will start to crave it after a while–so there’s that to look forward to, ha!

    I’m doing a smaller version (once a week) and already I’ve had crazy detox reactions. I’m also craving vegetables during the rest of the week (not the smoothies yet, but nonetheless, it’s a big change for me). I’m really excited to see how these things affect us, both immediately and over time. Hang in there!!

  2. joannalinberg

    Thank you for the support! I go back and forth from finding this whole process awful to thinking it’s the funniest, most bizarre thing ever. That’s interesting that you’ve had detox reactions doing it once a week. I don’t know if I can sort out yet what’s a “detox reaction” and what’s an “oh my gosh, I just want to CHEW on something” reaction.

    Here’s the real tragedy–I forgot my straw today, so I have to slurp it.


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