little ditties | february 11, 2011


This week it’s all about the past and the future. In the past, I thought Lands’ End was a place my mom’s friend shopped and I was a homeschooler. In the future, I will think way too hard about what books to read my children and get more aggressive with my prayer. I’m not sure where Iowa fits in. I guess maybe my present?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

// Lands’ End has a cute 5′ x 8′ rug for $99. Not even on sale! I need this in blue, please.

// When little ones join our casa, I’m going to try to make them more cultured than I am by reading them these.

// The homeschool community needs some graphic designers. Nevertheless, I’m excited to read this study of former homeschoolers as adults. (I fit in that category.)

// “Storm the mercy seat.”

// I can’t wait to see Iowa’s state motto. Mostly because I don’t even know what our state motto is.



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