sugar fast: finito!


I did it! Thirty days without sugar, honey, or maple syrup. No brownies, no cake, no chocolate, no hot chocolate, no crazily-addictive Lifesavers Wint-o-green mints. I feel great and not just because fructose, glucose, and the other ‘ose’s are no longer coursing through my blood. This was a really hard goal for me. After running a marathon last year, reading the Bible in one year, and completing this sugar fast, I’ve realized something: I like personal challenges. They give me focus and something to think about other than the regular stresses of life.

I already shared an assessment of my fast that still holds true with one addition: I don’t want to go back. It feels good to no longer be a slave to my sweet tooth, so I’m a little paranoid about breaking my fast. I don’t want to be a sugar maniac this week in all my attempts to celebrate (and there are more attempts coming your way, trust). I didn’t want any hot chocolate this morning, I said no to a chocolate cupcake at work, and after lunch I ate a handful of grapes instead of a handful of those dastardly mints. All in an effort to assure myself, I’ve still got it! I can say no anytime I want to (and actually mean it). Which feels really good.

So let’s cut to the real question: What will I break my sugar fast with? Here are the main contenders:

1. Nanaimo Bars from Seven Spoons: Will certainly satisfy my chocolate craving and I’ve always wanted to make these since they seem similar to my family’s secret (and revered) Three-Layer Candy recipe.

2. Alice Medrich’s Brownies from Raising Foodies: Um, it’s a brownie by Alice Medrich. Do I need another reason?

3. Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies from Willow Bird Baking: Cream cheese frosting is probably my second favorite sugar vehicle (after chocolate, of course). Plus, these have CARROTS. In case I feel like easing back in.

I’ll update you all tomorrow on what I make and just how delicious it is.



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