the goods


Here’s my haul from this week in NYC and Burlington, Vermont.

Please forgive my truly horrific photography skills. Starting with the pasta: pasta in the most fun shape; blueberry, apricot, and bitter orange jams; acacia honey; and some type of Italian chocolate to savor after I’m done with my sugar fast; all from Eataly (yum yum! Definitely as cool as everyone says it is). Then, a Vermont chocolate sampler, rum caramel and raspberry truffle chocolate bars, and organic hot chocolate mix, all from from Lake Champlain Chocolates. (No, we didn’t get to tour the factory and get free samples–which I also would have broken my sugar fast for because, who’s in charge here anyway?)

And presiding over all, the pretty potted plant Brad had waiting for me when I got home. Who cares if it was free and going to be tossed if he didn’t rescue it? It’s PINK!

photo: me



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