day 20: bonk! (and an assessment)


It’s true. We took a quick visit to Wisconsin this weekend to visit my grandparents. Anyone who has feasted at the full table (and under the watchful eye) of a grandmother knows: There is no refusing her cupcakes. Or Jell-O salad. Or yummy homemade Christmas treats she sensibly froze four weeks ago to pull out when wayward grandchildren come to visit.

While this might technically be a failure, I’m looking at it as a victory. Here’s why: I didn’t want the cupcake or Jell-O salad. (I totally wanted the yummy caramel/date square I ate.) And when I finished them, I didn’t feel like I had gained anything (except my grandmother’s favor, of course). I realized my main goal during my fast is to return “treats” to Treat Status. Make them special again and relish the small little tastes of them I’ll surely enjoy following February 7.

In the meantime, I’m happily back on the no-sugar bandwagon.

It hasn’t all been cravings and lusty desires for chocolate. First, the fruits and vegetables that are now my main snacks actually cause me to be more hungry (my nutrition-savvy husband says it’s because my body digests them more efficiently) and, more surprisingly, really hungry for savory foods. I look forward to my lunches and dinners now like I don’t ever remember doing before, even when I was training for the marathon.

Second, I’ve been really emotionally happy lately. I’m far less stressed. Insanity at work and frantic deadline-meeting hasn’t sent me into a panic in the last few weeks the way it normally does. I’m not sure if this is entirely due to the lack of sugar–I’m more quick to say it’s a direct result of my fervent prayers for God to help me lose the ‘tude. But either way, the timing is right, and I won’t discount the impact sugar might have on my mental state.

Third, oh my gosh. PEOPLE. When trashy celebrity magazines quote every single actress in the world saying they cut out white flours and any processed sugars three days prior to a red carpet event to prevent bloating, THEY ARE ON TO SOMETHING. I’m quite certain I have not lost any weight so far (my love affair with starches prevents that), but I just feel slimmer. It’s like my whole body just got a smidgen more lean.

I never thought I’d say this but I’m loving this…




  1. Jeannie

    I know, right? Cutting back sugar makes you feel SO much healthier and thiner + it makes you more alert! I love it. And YES(!), going off sugar makes the times you do have sugar (those) so much more “special”. I call ’em splurges (:

    I knew you’d love it after the first few horrid days :D

  2. joannalinberg

    Thanks for dropping by to encourage me, Jeannie! Just like you said, I’m also living off of dairy, specifically goat cheese. YUM.

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