day 14: attack of the brownies!!


Tonight just might be the Armageddon of my sugar fast. First, we got this in the mail yesterday:

Bon Appetit! Why do you hate me? You know I love my brownies! Traitorous rag.

Second, I promised my girl2girl group brownies for our first meeting. Woe is me! I must uphold my promises! Last night I made THE BROWNIE from King Arthur Flour  (via Indecisive Baker) to serve the beauties. I got through the melting of the sugar in the butter, the addition of cocoa (sweet food of the gods), the tossing of handfuls of chocolate chips in the batter, and even rushed the bowl to the sink before I was tempted to lick it. Tonight, though, is my test. Can I cut and serve delicious brownies to friends without eating one myself? And will I bring myself to foist the leftovers upon some lucky girl as she leaves?

photo: me, using the CameraBag app



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