day 4: resistance is futile


I’m fighting a big ol’ craving for chocolate right now. I think pita chips or another starch would do in a pinch, but I was extra-virtuous today and just brought fruit. Which is turning out to not be a suitable substitute for my cravings–at least not at this stage. Maybe this is similar to when people go through drug withdrawals: It’s really tough at first, but then you get over the mountain and hit a plateau where it’s OK. I’m counting on this being just like drug withdrawal. (And that’s the first and last time I’ll probably ever write that sentence.)

Now, a few treats I will not be making (or eating) from my vast store of tagged recipes. Just let your mind dwell on all the sugary goodness herein:

Fudgy Salty Brownies from In Praise of Leftovers (sweet mercy…)

Chocolate Pudding from [No Recipes] (so help me, God…)

Chocolate Idiot Cake from David Lebovitz (because I’m an idiot if I think I can resist)

7/10 Layer Cookies from Inn Cuisine (there is so much right in this photo)

And that’s all the torture I have time for today, folks. Merry Monday! (And where did I put that apple?)



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