day 3: can I call this savory?


I survived days 2 and 3 of no sugar. You know what’s hard about this? I can’t bake cookies or cakes. I love baking and the weekends are my time. I think every great recipe I’ve been meaning to try suddenly leapt out at me and said, “Make me! Make me!”

“Alas,” said I (for I speak Old English in my head), “I cannot make you as you request. For you bear sugar enveloped in floury trappings. Be gone from me!”

Instead, I made zucchini bread from Good to the Grain (awesome, as the entire Internet has already told you). It only has 1/2 cup sugar in it, so I’m trying to decide if it counts as savory. If it’s savory, I can eat it. All I got out of Brad was, “It’s herb-y.” Herb-y is Old English for savory, right?

Ever stalwart,



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