what’s up with Ezekiel?


Do you ever read a book of the Bible and think, “What is UP with this? What is even going on? What’s the STORY here?” I mean, I know I have weak theological legs, but I can’t be the only one who has read Ezekiel and sat shaking my head the whole time. I just don’t get what’s going on. The gore! Oh, the gore! (Or is it allegorical gore?)

So I propose someone should start a little site called “What’s Up with the Bible?” to explain the nuances to me. Nuances like what is generally going on in Ezekiel. What’s the historical context? What’s the theme? What is the significance of all these foreign place names and customs that mean nothing to me as a modern young woman of today? I don’t want the message of each book to be dictated to me, I just want a scholar or, perhaps, an average gal from the 6th century BC to read over my shoulder and clue me in. Or my dad.

Update: This is sort of what I’m talking about, although with a smaller focus. And, unsurprisingly, Wikipedia is helpful although somewhat…unholy?



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