prayer to make you think


I’ve had this for a while and waffled about posting it. It’s a prayer taken from a church bulletin’s Fourth of July service. In some ways, it might seem harsh or close-minded. But there’s a lot of truth in it. Even if you don’t agree with every point, I hope it makes you think about what it is in your life you call good that might not be. I could add mine to the list: I avoid friends or acquaintances who might need encouragement or something else from me and call it needing time to relax. Whatever you think of this prayer, we all have to agree that as a writing technique, parallelism works, ya’ll.

Heavenly Father, we come before You today to ask Your forgiveness and to seek Your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says, “Woe on those who call evil good” but that is exactly what we have done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of Your Word and called it pluralism. We have worshiped other gods and called multi-culturalism. We have endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle. We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have neglected the needy and called it self-preservation. We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn children and called it a choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self-esteem. We have abused power and called it savvy. We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.



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