first reactions


A little over a month ago, Anne Rice quit Christianity. As a member of the faith commonly known as Christianity, my first thought was, ouch. She offended me and made me defensive. I knew something about her statement was wrong in a deeper way, but I was too clouded by defensiveness to identify it. One writer did, eloquently, in an open letter to Ms. Rice. (Side note: What? Me agree with something on Relevant mag’s site? No way.)

My first reaction should have been more like this post by Russell Moore. To which I add, all have sinned, and I’m one of all. How can I respond with anything less than the endless grace and love that’s been given to me? So, Anne Rice, though you will never read this, thanks. By quitting Christianity, you pushed me deeper into the knowledge of my Savior. I hope you’ll find something in the response to your announcement that does the same for you.



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