style envy


My style is evolving and that’s frustrating. In my line of work, I see so many people who seem to have it all figured out: just the right clothes to wear; a house that’s original, inventive, and gorgeous; and all the right hobbies and interests. And, oh yeah, they still have time to read everything out there and cook delicious meals with ingredients fresh from the farmers’ market and/or their backyard garden. How do they do it all? I feel like I can barely get myself to and from work, work out, and get dinner on the table without passing out sleeping, much less pull together an unspoken style manifesto for my work, my wardrobe, my home, my life.

Some good questions to ask myself: Does every moment need to be inspired? Why am I trying to live by someone else’s idea of “the good life”? And, is this the excuse I’ve been looking for to bake brownies tonight?



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