I’ve never been one of those girls committed to a beauty regimen beyond washing my face every night. I’ve never felt the kind of gushy, hyperventilating love about “product” that is fashion and beauty magazines lifeblood. Until now! Now I’m dedicated to the little vial you see above.

It’s Rose Hip Oil and it’s making me love my skin.

Let me give you a quick profile of my skin: I break out, I scar, I get a skin tone close to death only yellower, then I get about two or three days where I don’t feel deeply embarrassed, then it starts over.

That yucky cycle (and a desire to switch to all natural skin care and makeup) led me to try the Oil Cleansing Method. Rose Hip Oil was part of my first elaborate concoction. (If you’re not familiar, OCM is exactly what it sounds like: cleaning your face with oils.) For the last two years, I’ve changed the oil ratios, ditched some, and around the time we moved finally discovered what works best for me is Rose Hip Oil, straight up.

Each night, I pour a dime-size amount on my fingers and massage it into my skin. I do this right over my makeup (it wipes off) and pay special attention to any problem areas. If I’m feeling really virtuous, I’ll put a damp, hot washcloth over my face for a minute or so, but I haven’t felt virtuous for about three months and I don’t think I’m suffering ill effects. So now, I just leave it on my face while I floss or make faces in the mirror, then gently wipe it off with a damp, warm washcloth. About once a week, usually a weekend day when I haven’t worn makeup or a day when it seems like my skin is flaring up, I’ll skip the washcloth and leave the oil on overnight. My skin always, always looks more clear and more healthy the next day.

Since I’ve done this, my skin has been virtually clear. Not clear as in you can barely tell I’m covering up a bunch of spots when I put on makeup, clear as in I can wake up and leave the house and not wear makeup all day and never once feel self-conscious about it. And it’s only about $7 at Whole Foods and lasts me two months, so when I buy it I feel like I’m saving money, which is completely irrational. I love this stuff that much.

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