Joanna and Brad in SF

On the list of leaps I never thought I’d take:

Moving to California.

I’m Midwestern enough to think eating kale on a regular basis is a cool thing. To know state fairs are not just entertainment for an afternoon, but a 10-day long Event that includes live broadcasts from various stages. To know I can drive 15 miles in almost any direction and encounter a corn field. To celebrate the arrival of the first Whole Foods in the state. And you know, I like it this way. It might seem quaint to people on the coasts, but it’s genuine.

In three weeks, Brad and I are packing our car full of all the genuine Midwestern spirit we can muster and pointing it west. I took a new job with Sunset and we’re taking a giant leap–one God has surprised us with–and moving to the Bay Area.

There are so many tangled thoughts in my head but I know three things for sure.
1. My heart will miss the Saturday nights with the nephews, the birthday dinners at my parents, the fire pit at the Wisconsin farm, the quick weekend trips to Davenport to see Brad’s family, and sitting in church in St. Louis next to Grandma.
2. This is the best thing for us right now and it feels good to know and believe that.
3. I will be able to finish SO MANY books on this road trip!


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