I’ve found myself without the attention span for long books lately. WEIRD, right? Other uncharacteristic things about me lately: I’m craving salt more than sugar. I’m running more than I’m reading (maybe that’s why I want salt?). I am inviting people over to my house and being social! I’m also wearing hot pink nail polish and I’m usually a neutral queen. So guys, it’s getting crazy over here.

The items I’ve managed to sit down, read, and think about lately:

// A hopeful story about a little tyke with swollen joints and chronic pain who got better (!).

// I experienced shades of this article’s frustrations when I worked more social media in my job. Hilarious, but some coarse words.

// Bookish.

// Speaking of books, I can’t resist a book list. This one is ambitious–the entire Western Canon. I’ve always wanted to do this but felt like life was too short. Until NOW.

// You are going to think I’m the world’s biggest dork for this, but look! It’s a map that shows just where the heck all the characters are during the Lord of the Rings. I SO needed this these last few months while I was re-reading the trilogy.

// Intentionality is the quality I most admire about our friends Tim and Shanna. Here’s her beautiful take on it that I can’t stop thinking about.

// “You’re not finished cooking until you’re finished cleaning.” Oh, Seamus. If only!

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