Have you all heard of the Doctrine of Vocation? Probably, but I just learned about it last night from my dad. Basically, the work God calls you to is holy simply because God has called you to it. Whether you are a truck driver or a Sunday school teacher, a paper pusher or a missionary, if God has called you to a vocation, it is holy work.

I’m up to my eyeballs (read: down to my last thread of sanity) in work stuff this week, which always makes me think about the value of the work I do. While I’m wading through photo shoots and contemplating the idea that answering 30+ emails about product potentials for stories is holy, why don’t you share your thoughts about this in the comments? Do you consider the work you do holy? Do you think God called you to your current job? Or do you think He’s calling you to another vocation? (And I think “job” and “vocation” are different things, do you?)

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