Merry Christmas, everyone! I love this magical week in between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s hard to take anything too seriously when you’re going to movies during the day, eating fudge with every meal, and playing card games with your sisters while laughing like a lunatic.

I have a gift for you all. It’s this song.*

It’s an incredible song about a relationship that needs to end and while I do have a story that parallels the song closely, that’s not what always grabs me when I listen to this (over and over and over again because I’m obsessive like that).

It’s the phrase carry me in grace. I can’t get it out of my head; it’s been my prayer for the last two months. I normally invoke it when I’m worried about getting all the day-to-day things done with the right attitude, but this week I’ve been thinking about how Christmas is grace.

Our Creator, our Lord, our Warrior, our Healer orchestrated events so He could also be our Savior. He loved His frail creation so much, He came here to be with us, to live what we live, and save us.

And all that’s required of us–of me–is to accept that and continue to pray carry me in grace, carry me in grace.

*Written and performed by Jon Rand, one of my brother-in-law’s close friends in Montana. He’s good people. (With an appearance by my sister, Jill, whose voice is ohmygoodness amazing and my favorite thing to listen to in the whole wide world).



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